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Most air intake systems on today’s medium and heavy-duty equipment come from the factory equipped with either an air inlet cap, or a dust bowl precleaner. These are installed on the air intake pipe, which usually comes up through the hood of the equipment. Because both the cap and dust bowl change the direction of airflow, and do not allow for straight intake of the air they add restriction to the air intake system. This is not a major concern however, since these restriction levels are calculated by the factory engineers during design, and are included in the total restriction level, usually less than 10 inches of H2O, of the entire air filtration system.

The air inlet cap is designed to keep large debris and moisture from being pulled into the air filter. As for the dust bowl, it is meant to swirl the air in a tornado like manner and allow the large contaminants to be left in the bowl before they reach the filter.

A question we get asked on a routine basis by CENTRI® end users is, “Will the CENTRI® Precleaner add restriction to my air intake system when I replace my air inlet cap or dust bowl?”

The answer in short is, “No, CENTRI® will not add to your current initial restriction level!”

We are proud of the fact that CENTRI® Precleaners will not add to the factory engineered restriction levels when installed in place of the air inlet cap or dust bowls. We are the only manufacturers of bottom intake CENTRI®fugal precleaners who can make that statement today.

Most plastic CENTRI®fugal precleaners on the market today have too much added restriction, and cannot be added in the aftermarket because the initial restriction level will exceed the manufacturers recommended levels of 10 inches of H20. They can only be added if modifications are made to the entire filter system.

Restriction testing (see chart below) shows that CENTRI® does not add restriction. In some tests, CENTRI® actually lowered the initial restriction level when it was used in place of certain styles of inlet caps and dust bowls.

In recent editions of the DRM Diversafab PRESS we have had several articles comparing the CENTRI® Air Precleaner to the plastic precleaners from Enginaire & Sy-Klone™. These articles proved that CENTRI® has up to 60% less restriction. We have also shown the short payback time, usually less than six months, when CENTRI® is used instead of the dust bowl type of precleaner.

When you put all of this together, CENTRI® is the best choice for your customers today. No other precleaner system has the TOTAL PACKAGE of benefits that CENTRI® provides:

  • And as always, NO ADDED RESTRICTION!


One of the key attractions at the CENTRI® booth during CONEXPO/CON-AGG was the “Real World” restriction comparison test. The purpose of this demonstration was to show that the CENTRI® Air Precleaner will not add any restriction to air intake systems

This fact has been proven in the lab, but this is the first time we have been able to show the results in an applied setting.

Also, as part of this demonstration, we compared the amount of restriction added by some of the competitive products. These products were the Donaldson™ Dust Bowl, Enginaire™ 2 plastic composite, and Turbo III™ plastic composite precleaner. The CENTRI® Model EX-20 was also used. All 2 inch ID models were used in this demo.

The “Real World” test unit, as seen in the photo, consisted of a single stage filter canister connected to the Vac Demo unit. The airflow of this canister was approximately 100 C.F.M., and within the operating range of all the units used in this test. An easy to read restriction gauge was installed in the air outlet line, with a maximum level of 30 inches of water.

When the unit was turned on the following restrictions levels of the entire air intake system were noted:

  • ENGINAIRE 2 9.5″ OF H2O
  • DUST BOWL 6.5″ OF H2O
  • TURBO III 6.2″ OF H2O
  • NO INLET CAP 5.0″ OF H2O
  • CENTRI® EX-20 5.2″ OF H2O
  • Keep in mind that the higher the initial restriction level with clean filters, the shorter your filter life will be. This is because it will take less time to reach the engine manufacturers recommended change level. Normally 25″ of H 2 O is the change level for most engines.
  • This demonstration clearly shows that with CENTRI® Air Precleaners there is NO ADDED RESTRICTION when installed on virtually any air intake system. WithCENTRI®, LOWER RESTRICTION MEANS LONGER FILTER LIFE!


We are often asked if the CENTRI® Air Precleaner should be installed on brand new equipment. We’ll let you be the judge after you hear this customer’s success story.

This article is about a Michigan Volvo Model 190 six-yard loader owned by Tom Finch and THE FINCH COMPANY of Illinois. When the unit was brand new our dealer, RUSS BASS CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT SALES suggested that Tom install a CENTRI® Precleaner to help protect the Cummins 855 engine. Tom said, “Yes,” and the rest is history.

The Model 190 and the CENTRI® Precleaner now have over 23,000 hours of operation and the engine has never had to be rebuilt. That is the durability and dependability built into every CENTRI® Air Precleaner.

Tom has over 100 pieces of equipment in operation, and he installs CENTRI® on every piece that is used in areas where dust is a problem. “CENTRI® will make you money!” says Tom.

Our thanks to Russ Bass and Tom Finch for sharing their CENTRI® success stories.


In our last newsletter we provided you with some valuable information comparing CENTRI®’s restriction to the new plastic composite precleaners on the market today. Since we published that article we have learned that CENTRI® precleaners provide less restriction on all size ranges.

Recently we found additional information on the restriction levels of the composite precleaner models equivalent to the CENTRI® Model EX-60. This data on the plastic composite precleaners was taken directly from the competitor’s technical bulletin.>

These restriction tests were on the Sy-Klone™ 9002 (6 inch ID) and the Enginaire 6 350/1100 models. The results were most interesting when compared to the restriction levels of the CENTRI® EX-60. The chart below graphically shows that CENTRI® consistently pulls 50 to 60%+ lower restriction levels across the entire CFM operating range:

Also included in this information is a comparison of the CENTRI® EX-70 to the Sy-Klone™ 9002R (6 inch ID) and the Enginaire 6 350/1150. Keep in mind that both of these competitive units are designed to work in the same CFM operating range as the EX-70, and the results are even more outstanding for CENTRI®. On average, these competitive plastic units pull up to 4 times the restriction levels. See the chart below and compare:

Why is restriction important? Please keep in mind that the higher the initial restriction level is on a clean system with new filters, the quicker the new filter will reach maximum restriction and require another filter change. In most cases, this will be at the 25 inches of restriction as recommended by many diesel engine manufacturers.

The composite plastic precleaners may be cheaper up front. However, CENTRI® precleaners will provide the end-user with longer filter life and greater savings over the life of the equipment when compared to these “low cost” composite plastic units.

In the long run CENTRI® is still the best value!


One area that is often overlooked as an application for CENTRI® air precleaners are air compressors. These units all require large amounts of air, and are often used in the most adverse conditions.

These photos illistrate only two of the many potential applications. In many cases the compressors are the forgotten piece of equipment, and the filters may clog and lead to increased costs and wear.

Consider reviewing the CENTRI® air precleaner for this application too!


In early 1996 our CENTRI® Distributor, AMERICAN FILTER PRODUCTS of Tempe, Arizona, presented an idea to one of his customers to help reduce their operating costs. The idea was to install CENTRI® Air Precleaners on their luxury motor coaches. This would reduce their operating costs by extending filter life and reduce the wear and tear of the desert sands on the coaches internal engine parts. Little did they know how successful this program would be when they did a trial on several of the coaches.

ARROW STAGE LINES of Phoenix, Arizona chose to install the CENTRI® Air Precleaners on their coaches manufactured by KASSBOHRER SETRA. These coaches are all equipped with the DETROIT DIESEL 12.7 Liter Turbo diesel engines. When inspecting the coaches they learned that the CENTRI® units would be simple to install because of the design of the air intake system on the KASSBOHRER SETRA coaches. The air intake and filter canister was placed in a large, easily accessable compartment in the right rear of the coach. As pictured in this article, the CENTRI® unit was quickly mounted, less than ten (10) minutes, to the intake on the filter canister.

In the months that followed, Director of Maintenance, Barry Stevens closely monitored the performance of their coaches with the CENTRI® units. This was made easier with the installation of FILTER MINDERS on every coach. Barry quickly noticed that they were not having to change the air filters every 12,000 miles, as they had always done in the past. The miles kept rolling up on these coaches, and ARROW STAGE LINES saw that they could go 85 to 90,000 miles without a filter change on the coaches equipped with the CENTRI® units. That is an increase in filter life of almost EIGHT TIMES. In addition, they have not had any turbo failures due to engine contaminates, such as silica, on the coaches with the CENTRI® units according to Barry.

As a result they have now installed CENTRI® Air Precleaners on over 50 coaches, and will be adding more in the months ahead. The CENTRI® Precleaners has saved ARROW STAGE LINES thousands of dollars in operating and labor costs, and have paid for ARROW’S initial costs of the units within the first year.

This unique over the road application can be applied virually anywhere with similar results. We would like to thank Tim Peterson of AMERICAN FILTER PRODUCTS for presenting the CENTRI® Air Precleaners, and representing us in the “Valley of the Sun”.


CENTRI® Air Precleaners are an excellent addition to all snow removal equipment. Our unique design allows for installation on any type of equipment, including spreader/plow trucks, graders, front-end wheels loaders, or skid steers.

CENTRI®’S® proficient contaminant removal is extremely effective in removal of snow, sleet, and sand before is reaches the engines air cleaner. This means no more filter freeze up, and no more expensive down time or frequent filter replacement during the winter season.

Now is the time to recommend the CENTRI® Air Precleaner to anyone involved in snow removal. This includes private contractors; as well as all state, county and city highway departments.We are confident if they try a CENTRI® Air Precleaner early in the winter season, they will want more before the season ends.


There are almost as many different engine models on the market today as there are applications. In many of these applications, engines must function in environments, which can be hazardous to optimum operation. In these high contamination environments many OEM’s will install a precleaner system during the manufacturing process. One of the most popular factory installed styles of precleaner is the aspirated model.

The aspirated style precleaner consists of two major sections, the precleaner and venturi (see diagram 1). The precleaner section CENTRI®fugally separates contaminate which are directed to a low-pressure area. The venturi section, located in or on the exhaust, creates a vacuum to carry away contaminates which are then discharged into the atmosphere.

Some aspirated precleaner systems also include a tube type precleaner (see diagram 2) in addition to the other two components reviewed above. The tube precleaner does add some increase in efficiency, however they require increased maintenance. This maintenance includes periodically removing the tube precleaner assembly and blowing out the excess debris that has built up in the unit.

Overall, this is a fairly efficient type of precleaner when it is new, but in time some significant problems can be encountered, including:

  • Moisture mixing with the dirt clogs the ports or vacuum tubing.
  • Fresh air carried over into the exhaust stack via the vacuum tubing can cause re-ignition of unspent fuel, causing a rapid “burn out” situation in the muffler or exhaust stack.
  • Restriction caused by the venturi can create backpressure resulting in an engine running hotter and less efficiently.
  • Worn ejectors in the muffler or stack can actually draw hot exhaust gases back through the precleaner assembly resulting in melted tubes, and in some cases causing small fires in the filter canister itself.

Corrosion in the ejector unit (muffler or stack) can cause loss of efficiency over a moderate length of time. This can be as short as 6 months or up to several years depending on the operating environment. This gradual loss, and increased filter usage, usually goes unnoticed, and is attributed to a change in the work conditions. In many cases it really means that it is time to replace the ejector portion, and perhaps more components of the aspirated system. This can be very costly to replace. In many cases the cost for the new components can be $800.00 or more.

This is an excellent time to replace this system with the CENTRI® Air Precleaner. Depending on which CENTRI® Model is required, it can be installed in place of the entire aspirated system for up to 70% less. Remember when replacing the aspirated precleaner system with the CENTRI® Air Precleaner it is recommended that the entire old precleaner section and scavenge line (see diagram 1) be removed and the muffler, or stack, venturi be capped. Of course, not only do your customers gain immediate savings, but they also have a lifetime of efficiency and no on-going maintenance with the CENTRI® Air Precleaner.

Show your customers today the advantages of installing the CENTRI® Air Precleaner and reduce their problems tomorrow.

CENTRI® in CAT Country

We recently received another testimonial from one of our CENTRI® Air Precleaner distributors. This time it came from a more unusual application, and it was about CENTRI® units installed on CATERPILLAR equipment in the “Heart of Cat Country”.

Several months ago, WIESE CATERPILLAR in East Peoria, had an order for several new Cat ForkLifts equipped with diesel engines. Due to the extremely dusty environment that these trucks were to be used, they knew the engines needed more protection than the standard factory installed air filter system. Ron, the branch manager at WIESE, contacted our distributor, BASS EQUIPMENT SALES, and determined that the CENTRI® Air Precleaner was needed for this application. The correct CENTRI® model was determined; the units were ordered, installed, and the forklifts were delivered to the customer.

Since the forklifts went into service, Ron at WIESE has been monitoring these machines and comparing them to other Cat Forklifts at this facility operating without the CENTRI® Air Precleaner. Ron has been impressed with the results he has seen.

All Ron can say is, “CENTRI® Air Precleaners do the job! You get 8 to 9 times better life out of our air filters when compared to the Cat Forklifts without the CENTRI® units.

“Simply put, CENTRI® makes you money!” according to Ron.

CENTRI® Air Precleaners work in virtually any application, and any location including the “Heart of Cat Country”. Specials thanks to BASS EQUIPMENT SALES for taking the time to share this great rewarding experience with us.


Did you know that CENTRI® works on many different styles of trucks?

For many years CENTRI® has been used on trucks by contractors, municipalities, highway departments and ag services. Most of these trucks have been used for snow removal, mining, feed lots, ag sprayers/applicators, and several others.

CENTRI® has been used for many years on the FORD LOUISVILLE. This classic design features a round inlet on the right side of the hood. By installing the CENTRI® FORD LOUISVILLE adapter, these trucks were able to work in any environment with extended filter life.

In the mid 90’s FORD sold the heavy truck division to FREIGHTLINER. They renamed the successful truck line, STERLING. About the same time the FORD LOUISVILLE or STERLING was redesigned with a new through the hood configuration. CENTRI® then introduced the STERLING UNIVERSAL ADAPTOR KIT. This allowed the CENTRI® unit to be installed on either side of the hood for greater flexibility. This adaptor has been met with great success.

Another truck on which CENTRI® has proved to be effective is the INTERNATIONAL medium duty chassis, 2500 Series. Many of this truck’s applications of the CENTRI® unit can be mounted under the hood for a neat, clean and efficient installation.

As new models are introduced to these high dust applications, we get requests to make adapters for CENTRI® installations. In the last few months we have added adapters for the new STERLING ACTERRA, as well as the KENWORTH T-300.

If you or your customers are using any of these trucks in a high dust/snow applications, install CENTRI® for added filter life. And, reduced down time!



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